What if Mother Nature could enable us to protect her and ourselves?

What if we are more deeply connected to Mother Nature than we thought? From its inception, Checkerspot was designed to work with Nature to bring high performance solutions to life.

The Butterfly Effect

The Checkerspot butterfly is a constant reminder that small changes can have massive impacts.

That small actions can have large effects. Learn below how we are taking action and driving towards a post-petroleum future and how you can join us.


Founded as a public benefit corporation in 2016, Checkerspot is committed to high standards of purpose, accountability and transparency.

As disclosed in our Certificate of Incorporation, our purpose is to achieve the following public benefits:

These benefits inform decisions on how we make our materials, what is in our products and how our products and operations impact our local and global communities.


How We Make Our Materials

Biotechnology and manufacturing industries have become siloed resulting in an innovation and application gap. By harnessing the innovation of biomanufacturing, we are able to make our materials with less waste and GHG emissions while also promoting environmental stewardship with renewable energy.

Our Alameda HQ is run on 100% renewable electricity (wind generated) and our Design Lab in Salt Lake City uses 100% renewable energy (solar electricity and renewable natural gas).

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What is in our products

Microalgae is the progenitor of all higher plants. Every one of our microalgal cells is a natural oil producing powerhouse. Microalgae oil provides one of the most sustainable triglyceride oils in the world, with a significantly lower carbon footprint than petroleum or plant based oils.

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Sustainability Should Not Be Exclusive

How our products and operations impact our local communities

We believe in the democratization of our materials and tools for innovative product development for the betterment of local communities. Open handed innovation is key to creating long lasting impact and tackling the climate crisis.

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We are proud to be a B Corp™

“It is rewarding to work toward something which is at once very quantifiable, but that allows us to continually improve year on year as our business grows and evolves. We see this as a strong validation of our chosen path, bringing new, more sustainable, high performance materials to consumers and other industries that are better for the planet. We are proud to be joining the B Corp community who have committed to using business as a force for good.”

– Scott Franklin, CSO and co-founder of Checkerspot

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We are proud to be a part of the USDA BioPreferred Program, which aims to empower consumers to identify products with biobased content and reduce our reliance on petroleum. Wherever you see a USDA Certified Biobased label on our products, it means they have been verified as meeting or exceeding the required biobased content for their product category. With certification from the USDA BioPreferred Program, we commit to showing the exact amount of renewable, nature-derived material contained in each product.

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EcoVadis Silver

We're committed to continuous evaluation of our policies, supply chain, and actions related to social and environmental impact and sustainable procurement. We're proud to have earned a Silver rating from EcoVadis, one of the leading international monitoring agencies for sustainability in global supply chains. Their team of sustainability experts analyzed and cross-checked our data to rate our performance at the Silver medal level and we continue to strive for improvement year over year.

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