Better products start with better materials and ingredients

The WING® Platform is designed to deliver innovative materials and ingredients at the right price, with clear performance properties, and with sustainability advantages.

The four foundational pillars of the WING® Platform include:


One powerful microbe.Limitless possibility. Infinitely renewable.
We use biotechnology to develop proprietary microbes (microalgae, to be specific) grown in industrial sized steel tanks (fermentation) that produce specific chemistries of oil with consistent quality and application-oriented performance.

Materials Science & Polymer Chemistry

With novel oils from the Molecular Foundry, our team of chemists create high performance materials and ingredients. We have five material classes on the market, and a large library of proprietary formulations.

Fabrication & Formulation

We work with you to develop more sustainable and cost effective product applications based on our proprietary materials and ingredients. By rapidly prototyping new applications, we can improve product performance and help advance sustainability goals.

Consumer Engagement

Engaging with consumers is an extension of our labs. Through consumer applications we commercialize products that animate and demonstrate our performance materials and ingredients in use. WNDR® Alpine is an example in outdoor recreation that showcases materials in both hardgoods (skis and snowboards) as well as apparel. This approach enables the acceleration of the adoption of new inputs that can offer a better alternative to fossil fuel derived inputs.

Checkerspot WING™ Platform

Where Biomanufactured Performance Products Take Flight

See Our Platform In Action

Lab to Life: Our Consumer Brand

WNDR Alpine demonstrates how biomanufactured materials, specifically designed for backcountry applications,
can deliver improved performance.

See Our Platform In Action
Skier: Pep Fujas | Photo: Carson Meyer