We design new molecules for better materials

Working with nature, the Checkerspot WINGTM platform enables the DESIGN– at the molecular level-of new materials.

Our team of scientists engineer microalgae to produce new molecular building blocks, and then we apply chemistry, creating materials with novel physical properties. We BUILD these materials into parts and products that we prototype and TEST.

Our vertically integrated, rapid iteration development process optimizes the time, resources, and footprint it takes to go from innovative ideas to leading products.


Nature has evolved over billions of years to deliver exquisite material building blocks that are unexplored or under-utilized.

We use microbes found in nature that express a diversity of unique and previously untapped molecules to produce the very core building blocks for materials. Our initial focus is on triglyceride oils that we make at scale through biomanufacturing.

Chemistry & Materials Science

It is through chemistry and materials science that we assemble the novel oils from molecular biology to create bespoke materials that dial in on performance.

By expanding the palette of available building blocks, we can then apply chemistries to create materials with desired physical properties. Our initial focus is on high performance polyurethanes and coatings made from our biobased oils.


Using these high performance materials, our team of innovators develops prototypes, testing performance and providing instantaneous feedback to the rest of the team and our partners.

DESIGN. BUILD. TEST. REPEAT. This continuous iterative applications development loop demonstrates how biomanufacturing AND chemistry offer us two ways to fine-tune performance advantages in the materials and products we make.

Consumer Engagement

We work with our consumers closely, as they are integral to how we iterate and innovate.

From molecules to materials all the way through to finalized consumer products, we have the unique advantage of being involved at every step of the process. We rely on consumer engagement and feedback to continuously improve the performance of our materials and products, to ensure that our customers are ecstatic about their outcomes, and to strengthen our tight-knit community of product users.

Checkerspot WING™ Platform

Where Biomanufactured Performance Products Take Flight

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Lab to Life: Our Consumer Brand

WNDR Alpine demonstrates how biomanufactured materials, specifically designed for backcountry applications,
can deliver improved performance.

See Our Platform In Action
Skier: Pep Fujas | Photo: Carson Meyer