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We create bespoke materials that are fine tuned for specific end use applications and performance. We bring these materials to life in real world products to show that performance versus sustainability is a false choice.


High Oleic Algae Oil
High Oleic Algae Oil
  • High levels of monounsaturated fat; low in saturates and polyunsaturates
  • Highly stable
  • 100% biobased content and readily biodegradable
  • Low odor
  • Highly enriched for triolein
  • Industrial
    • Plasticizer
    • Ingredient in lubricants
    • Leather processing (fatliquoring)
    • PU system flush
  • Food & Feed

Polyurethane Cast Elastomers

Checkerspot® Cast PU
Checkerspot® Cast PU
  • Thermoset
  • Algae-derived
  • Hardness, flexural strength and impact resistance can be tuned to meet needs of the end-use application
  • Shore A and D formulations available
  • Can be pigmented in an array of colors
  • No added mercury, tin, MOCA, or TDI
  • Can enable the manufacture of products containing USDA Certified Biobased content up to 66% (ASTM D6866)
  • Explore samples of Checkerspot® Cast PU
AlgalCast 001AlgalCast 003AlgalCast 084
Use Case:
WNDR® Alpine Algal Wall
Use Case: WNDR® Alpine Algal Wall
  • Ski sidewall made with AlgalCast has 15% greater flexural strength than traditional petroleum-based ABS sidewalls at room temperature, and 60% greater flexural strength at low temperatures*
  • 138% better damping than a traditional petroleum-based ABS sidewall
  • Manufacturing AlgalCast can reduce plastic waste compared to use of extruded plastic sidewalls
  • Sidewall cast, unlike extruded plastic, forms an intimate bond to wood core eliminating the need for glue/resin
  • Utilizing the cast urethane can reduce raw material input because AlgalCast can be dispensed to desired thickness and depth depending on end-use application

* Example of one formulation used in prior year ski models

Rigid Polyurethane Foams

Checkerspot® Rigid PU Foam
Checkerspot® Rigid PU Foam
  • Rigid, high-density algae-based polyurethane foam with a closed cell structure
  • Utilizes water as a blowing agent (no cyclopentane, n-pentane, methyl formate or hydrofluorocarbons)
  • No added mercury, tin, MOCA, or TDI
  • Can enable the manufacture of products containing USDA Certified Biobased content up to 41% (ASTM D6866)
AlgalFoam 001
Use Case:
WNDR® Alpine Algal Core
Use Case: WNDR® Alpine Algal Core
  • Lightweight composite made from Checkerspot® AlgalFoam and wood (e.g., aspen), utilized in ski and snowboard cores
  • Can be manufactured with a variety of wood species
  • Can be fine-tuned for lightweighting and damping
  • Enhanced compressive strength to withstand common layup techniques


miDori® bioWick
miDori® bioWick

Commercialized by Beyond Surface Technologies

  • 100% biocarbon content
  • Improves wicking and moisture management
  • Reduces drying time - fast dry
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Up to 80% lower carbon footprint vs. petroleum-based wicking finishes

*Data provided by Beyond Surface Technology, our partner and the makers of miDori® bioWick

Use Case: PANGAIA® Activewear
Use Case: PANGAIA® Activewear
  • PANGAIA's Activewear line pulls moisture away from the skin and towards the surface of the fabric for evaporation
  • Helps to keep the body cool and dry when working out
  • Excellent durability

*Data provided by PANGAIA


SpiralMade® Materials
  • Recycled composite of fiberglass, wood, AlgalCast, and biobased resin derived from reclaimed production waste
  • Can be molded or routed into a variety of shapes for a diverse range of applications
  • Provides an opportunity to integrate recycled content into product construction, diverting waste from landfill
Use Case:
WNDR® Alpine Spiral Plate
Use Case: WNDR® Alpine Spiral Plate
  • For skis, provides ~35% better binding screw retention strength than the previously used maple inserts
  • For snowboards, 5mm Spiral Plate insert packs enable ~5% better binding retention strength than inserts surrounded by traditional aspen wood.
  • Spiral Plate insert packs for snowboards provide a wider platform for power transfer, resulting in better energy transmission to the snowboard’s core

Better Products Bring Biology Inside

An incredible number of the products we interact with on a day-to-day basis rely on petroleum and other unsustainable sources of oil. With a single microorganism, we're aiming to change that. When you choose Checkerspot® materials, the butterfly mark serves as a signal that the product contains a better source of oil. The butterfly shows which products bring Biology Inside, prioritizing both their performance and sustainability — since we believe that having to choose between the two is a false choice.

EcoVadis Silver

We're committed to continuous evaluation of our policies, supply chain, and actions related to social and environmental impact and sustainable procurement. We're proud to have earned a Silver rating from EcoVadis, one of the leading international monitoring agencies for sustainability in global supply chains. Their team of sustainability experts analyzed and cross-checked our data to rate our performance at the Silver medal level and we continue to strive for improvement year over year.

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