Materials Matter

We create bespoke materials that are fine tuned for specific end use applications and performance. We bring these materials to life in real world products to show that performance versus sustainability is a false choice. Unlocking superior performance from more sustainable materials is key to unlocking their widespread adoption.
Rigid PU Foam
  • Closed cell structure foam
  • Utilizes water as a blowing agent
  • 41.58% biobased content by ASTM D6866
  • No added mercury, tin, MOCA, or TDI
  • High density foam
Use Case: Checkerspot® AlgalCore
  • Lightweight wood-polyurethane composite made from Checkerspot® algal high density rigid foam
  • Fine-tuned for lightweighting and damping
  • Enhanced compressive strength to withstand common layup techniques
  • Can be manufactured with a variety of wood species
Cast Urethane
  • Hardness, flexural strength and impact resistance can be tuned to meet needs of the end-use application
  • Can be pigmented in an array of colors
  • Up to 67.89% biobased content by ASTM D6866
  • No added mercury, tin, MOCA, or TDI
Use Case: Checkerspot® AlgalCast
  • AlgalCast sidewall has 15% greater tensile strength than traditional petroleum-based ABS sidewalls at room temperature, and 60% greater tensile strength at low temperatures
  • Manufacturing AlgalCast reduces plastic waste compared to use of extruded plastic sidewalls
  • Sidewall cast, unlike extruded plastic, forms an intimate bond to wood core eliminating the need for glue/resin
  • Utilizing the cast urethane can reduce raw material input because AlgalCast can be dispensed to desired thickness and depth depending on end-use application
Biomanufactured Algal Oil
  • Unique
  • Oxidatively stable oil
  • Highly enriched for triolene: designed to be homogenous and pure
Use Case: MiDori® Biowick
  • 100% biocarbon
  • Improves wicking and moisture management
  • Reduces drying time - fast dry
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Up to 8 times lower carbon footprint vs. petroleum based wicking finishes
    *Data provided by Beyond Surface Technology, our partner and the makers of MiDori Biowick®