Empowering Product Innovators

Product innovators are limited by the range of materials currently available to them, and are hungry for something better.

Checkerspot’s technology platform is empowering innovators with new breeds of high performance materials and sustainable products. By starting with the very molecule that makes up a material, Checkerspot enables a more intentional, highly precise, and rapidly iterative way to design, freeing innovators to create with a whole new mindset.


“Seeing what Checkerspot was doing with their foam at their brand, WNDR® Alpine, it seemed like a great fit. Replacing plastic foam cores derived from petroleum with foam cores derived from algae oil is an elegant solution to a big problem we have in the world. Making foam out of algae instead of petroleum is just a better way.”

– Dave Wingerter, Vice President of Product Management and Global Brand Director at HO Sports

“There is no one in the textile chemical industry developing green solutions focused on performance.”

–Matthias Foessel, Founder and CEO, Beyond Surface Technologies

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“Checkerspot's platform brings rapid iteration to the seamless collaboration across disciplines, time zones, and locations that’s needed in today’s product development and manufacturing ecosystem. This is why Autodesk built Fusion 360 and we’re proud to see Fusion fueling Checkerspot's innovation.”

–Srinath Jonnalagadda, VP of Design and Manufacturing Strategy, Autodesk

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“As a designer I often make choices about what materials a product will be made from. Usually there is a tradeoff between performance, cost and sustainability. I'm excited to be working with Checkerspot because their technology and materials are upending that paradigm and don't force me to make those tradeoffs. All products need to work for the customer and for the planet.”

–Mitch Heinrich, Founder and CEO, What For Design

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DIC Appreciates Big Ideas: “In developing technology for a world demanding the fusion of sustainability and chemistry, our vision aligns perfectly with Checkerspot.”

– Kazunori Tanaka, Healthcare Project Manager, DIC Corporation

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“Working with Checkerspot gives us the opportunity to apply our material science and engineering expertise to improve the environmental profile of outdoor apparel.”

–Linda Elkins, Chief Technical Officer, Gore Innovation Center

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