Matthias Foessel | Beyond Surface Technologies

Beyond Surface Technologies was founded out of a need for better textiles.

“There was no one in the textile industry focused on developing green solutions focused on performance. BST was founded because our impact on the planet matters—that is why we are so focused on lowering carbon footprint, removing petroleum and unsustainable chemistries from the process of textile manufacturing.”

– Matthias Foessel, Founder & CEO, Beyond Surface Technologies

Driven by a demand for better products, we utilized our platform to improve BST’s MiDori Biowick textile finish.“Consumers are becoming more and more aware of how the choices they make can affect our planet, and companies are demanding better alternatives. We are seeing the next wave in the evolution for green solutions in textile finishings and our MiDori line of biowicking finishes based on microalgae are the perfect example of this progression.”BST’s textiles are currently being used to optimize the sustainability and performance of synthetic apparel for the outdoor industry.