We live in the possibilities – it’s how Algenist came to be, through the exploration of microalgae.

“We are focused on delivering the most efficacious and sensorial skincare formulas. Together with Checkerspot we’ll continue to bring innovation through microalgae in ingredients and materials – doing away with old, outdated technologies to build a better future.”

– Rose Fernandez, Chief Executive Officer

Al.gen.nist: ‘GENIUS OF ALGAE’
Born from an Ingredient Discovery. 10 Day Results, No BS.
Safe, Clean, Vegan Skincare Formulas.

We are born from an ingredient-level innovation with the discovery of our hero ingredient, Alguronic Acid from algae -naturally-sourced and sustainably-produced through biotechnology, the innovative green science that respects nature.

We believe ingredient sourcing matters. We rely on traceable sources of natural, botanical ingredients to sustainably produce ingredients that are clean, safe, vegan and highly efficacious, without straining the natural environment. Through biotechnology, we manage the production process to ensure consistency in the efficacy and results of all our ingredients.