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There’s a better way to make products. That starts with better materials. We empower product designers with knowledge and access to a new breed of performance ingredients and materials that expands the possibilities beyond commodity oils and drives towards a post petroleum future.

Where New Materials Take Flight

Our WING™ platform spans biotechnology, materials science, and fabrication (prototyping) all the way through to consumer engagement. This vertical integration enables cost effective, rapid iteration at commercially relevant scale across industries to create materials and products that can outperform the competition.

The WING™ Platform

Lab to Life: Our Consumer Brand

WNDR Alpine demonstrates how biomanufactured materials, specifically designed for backcountry skiing applications, can deliver improved performance.

See Our Platform In Action
Skier: Pep Fujas | Photo: Carson Meyer

Biobased casting resins for everyone

The Pollinator® Kit is our award-winning, algae-based resin kit created by designers, for designers, to make working with renewable, biomanufactured materials easy and accessible.

Get Inspired With Biomaterials


“Working with Checkerspot gives us the opportunity to apply our material science and engineering expertise to improve the environmental profile of outdoor apparel."

—Linda Elkins, Chief Technical Officer, Gore Innovation Center

Calling all Innovators

The world needs you. To truly achieve the scale and impact to make a difference in the world, we need to work together. 
Access to sustainable materials should not be exclusive.

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Our Purpose

The world needs new materials designed to perform better and are better for the planet.

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